Cities tearing down urban freeways? Otherworldly pictures of our earth? And the tallest building in U.S. of A? Those subjects and more is what we're feasting our eyes on in this round of the most beautiful items of the week.

It's hard to believe that this is in our planet

The ferocious teeth of the Earth dragon—the sand seas of the Namibia desert as captured by South Korea's Kompsat-2 satellite.


Hubble reveals how our galaxy looked 11 billion years ago

Using data from an all-sky image of M33—a galaxy similar to ours—scientists at the Hubble mission have reconstructed the look of the Milky Way 11 billion years ago.

Behold the gigantic 98-foot-high horse heads just completed in Scotland

This amazing photo by Brian Smith shows one of the two gigantic 98.2-foot (30 meters) high horse heads that have just been completed in Scotland. They call them The Kelpies, and one day Hobbits and Elves will pass by them en route to drop some ring somewhere.

This Floating Hotel Room Comes with an Underwater Fish-Peeping Deck

You probably want to visit the Manta Resort, a new getaway in Zanzibar—because, at the Manta Resort, you can actually get away from the getaway and stay a few hundred feet offshore in a floating hotel room. And then you can getaway again in the underwater bedroom built for watching fish.

12 Temples of American Finance Gone to Waste

In 19th and early 20th century America, fledging banks depended on conveying stability and trust to their customers. That usually meant architecture—and the construction of pint-sized Greek and Roman monuments in towns all over the country.


Will Dallas Build a Giant Protective Shield For Its Death Ray Tower?

For the past two years, Dallas has beenlocked in a debate over a new class of buildings that have lovingly become known as architectural death rays. In Dallas's case, it's a shard of light reflected off a hastily-built condo tower that has killed plants and ruined art at the nearby Nasher Sculpture Center.

Moscow Is Building Its First New Park In 50 Years

Moscow has chosen a design for its first new public park in half a century. Zaryadye Park will sit on a 13-acre site that's been host to some colorful history: The homes of 16th century aristocrats, 18th century peasants, a Stalin-ordered redevelopment, a failed plan to build the city's tallest skyscraper, and finally, the world's largest hotel—demolished in 2006.


It's Official: The WTC Is the Tallest Building In the U.S.

At joint press conferences in New York and Chicago today, the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat—a Chicago-based nonprofit—announced its decision to crown the One World Trade Center as the tallest building in the United States, beating out the Windy City's Willis Tower by mere feet of spire.

Take a Tour Through the Glassy Halls of Apple's Future HQ

We've spent months marveling over the facade of Apple's new headquarters. But now, thanks tothese renderings from the City of Cupertino uncovered by Wired, we're getting an idea about the spaces inside the building—and it's hard to decide if it looks more like a futuristic office or a futuristic Apple store.


Dallas Is the Latest City to Propose Tearing Down Huge Urban Freeways

The rest of the country might think of Dallas as an ultra-conservative town. And as some one who spends a lot of time there, I can tell you that... It sort of is. But it's also home to great art, food, and increasingly, a progressive take on the future of cars. To wit: A proposal to permanently demolish an important freeway that runs through the city.