Motorola H601 and H800 Bluetooth Headsets

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In all the hubbub over the new Motorola handsets, these poor Bluetooth headsets have been pushed to the sidelines. They deserve better, since they're meant to match the design style of the three new phones.


The H800 is Bluetooth 2.0 compliant, has 6 hours of talk time and an on-off slider. It's capable of being charged by miniUSB and has an indicator light so you can tell whether it's on/off or in need of charging. It also comes with interchangeable hooks so you can find one that fits your noggin the best.


The H601 is also an over-the-ear model, and it too supports Bluetooth 2.0. This one has 8 hours of talk time, a miniUSB charging hole, and swappable hooks like its brother.

The H800 should be available Q1 2007, and the H601 Q4 2006. No pricing info yet.

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Has anyone else gotten over the excitement of having LEDs on everything we own? These headsets already make us look like we are talking to the invisible mothership with a chip in our ear, do we need an LED to accentuate this look?