MPAA Shuts Down Entire Town's Wi-Fi Over Single Illegal Download

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The citizens of Coshocton, Ohio are without their free Internet after a single download prompted the Motion Picture Association of America to shut down the town's municipal Wi-Fi network.

This is by no means the first time the MPAA has stepped on the little guy in their crusade to eradicate piracy, but it is a particularly egregious instance of it. The free Wi-Fi network in Coshocton, Ohio supported anywhere from "a dozen people a day to 100 during busy times," all of whom are left without Internet after the shut down. As nations like Finland move to make broadband access a legal right, it is unfortunately clear that some powerful people in our country still consider it a privilege and not a necessity.


Let this be a lesson to those who not only enjoy but depend on free Wi-Fi networks. Enjoy it while it lasts, because if Dennis the Menace down the block can't wait for Transformers 3 to come out on DVD, you might be out a connection. [Via BoingBoing]

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I'd sue.

I'd sue their asses off.

Unless they can prove I was the one who downloaded the illegal file, then they had no right to terminate my internet.

This is the equivalent to using a nuke to kill a fly.

The technology exists to determine who downloaded the file. You can associate the IP with a MAC address. Monitor for when that address hits again and run a traceroute to see what node it's hitting from. Follow it from there.

It's not that hard.

But, shutting down the whole network was easier, I guess.

I swear......we need to do something about these associations.

Yes, they have the right to protect copyrights. But at what cost to others? #wifi