Mulholland Dr. Director David Lynch F*cking Hates People Who Watch Movies on the iPhone

I've always thought that watching movies on a tiny portable device is a crummy experience in pretty much every way possible. Crazy-ass director David Lynch (of Mulholland Dr., Lost Highway and Twin Peaks fame) thinks so too. Vehemently. And even if he is a little nuts, his faux iPhone ad both educates and entertains. NSFW warning, he says "fuck." [via Cult of Mac]

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My iPhone, with my Shure E500 canalphones, has WAY better picture and sound then most stereo SD TVs out there. And that's what most people have still... a CRT with stereo speakers. No HD, no 5.1.

And, Mr. Lynch, perhaps if you cannot convey the intended emotions with the resolution of the iPhone screen, I suggest that it is YOU who are the "f*cking" failure.