Multiple User Profiles on the Same Account Coming to Netflix

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If you share one Netflix account within your household—be it with friends, family or whoever else—chances are you all share different tastes. Soon, you won't have to worry about getting a weird set of recommendations thanks to their viewing habits, though—because you'll soon be able set up multiple user accounts on a single Netflix account.

Speaking to Yahoo News, Netflix VP of Product Innovation Todd Yellin explained that the company will roll out a system which allows multiple user profiles on a single account some time this summer. The system is currently in testing, but Yellin hopes that it will be launched by the end of August.

The system will allow five or six —that's as yet undecided -users to store preferences on a single account. Firing up Netflix will throw up a start screen which allows you to choose your profile, and from their the service will work just like normal. The system will only allow two of the users to stream video at any one time—primarily, the service is for separating out recommendations and social media sharing.


All in, it sounds like a neat extra detail—and means that your friends will no longer puzzle over why you've been on a Bunheads bender. Wait, what, that was actually you? [Yahoo News]

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Two features I hope Netflix includes with this upgrade:

1. Separate parental controls on each of the profiles, with the ability to password protect individual profiles from the launch screen. As it stands, one set of parental controls covers the entire account, meaning the user can choose between adult content or children with access only to their own programming.

2. The ability to remove programs from the "recently watched" list. Just because I watched five minutes of Zombie Stewardess Vixens doesn't mean I a) want that viewing recorded for posterity, or b) want recommendations based on it.