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Murdoch: iPad May Save Newspapers

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Rupert Murdoch is in love with the iPad. It's not hardware. It's not the software. It IS THE FUTURE!. The future of newspapers, he says. Well, Rupert, here's some news for you: The WSJ iPad app sucks kangaroo balls.


Other pearls by Rupert:

I'm old, I like the tactile experience of the newspaper, (but) if you have less newspapers and more of these, that's OK. It doesn't destroy the traditional newspaper, it just comes in a different form.


No, you are wrong. The medium defines the presentation of the content, which is the reason why your publication in the iPad sucks so much. Because the WSJ has tried to apply print concepts into a touch platform, using the wrong formats and adding no advantages. But don't worry: The New York Times nad most publications out there are really bad too. Not as bad, but really bad.

The iPad does have the potential to save newspapers, but not the way you are doing it. [The Australian]