Music Festival Confetti Cannons Might Be Our Only Surefire Defense Against Drones

As if random asteroids and vengeful hawks weren’t enough of a reason to keep a wary eye on the skies, drones have gone from being harmless RC toys to genuine weapons. Until now, the only way to stay safe was to only go outside on windy days, but it looks like there’s a new weapon for the war on drones: confetti cannons.

The pilot in this video was trying to capture footage of an over-energized man pushing buttons on a record player at a music festival, but his drone accidentally drifted into the path of a confetti cannon as it was blasting excited fans with litter. For a brief moment, it looks like the drone survived the blast of air and paper, but as the debris gets caught up in two of its rotors, it eventually comes crashing down. It’s a small victory for humanity.


[YouTube via Geekologie]

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