My Plea For Digital Cameras With TV

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Dear Samsung Scientists,

Long time, no talk. I've been busy, the holidays and all, but I just wanted to drop you a line to say I appreciate all that you're doing to reduce me to a quivering lump of media-ingesting jelly.


Thanks for understanding that my concentration skills ain't so good and that having TV in everything I own could make things so much better. I look forward to seeing how you equip digital cameras with mobile TV because having it in a phone or even a laptop just isn't enough. I know it's only in Korea now, but maybe you could convince those terrestrial broadcasters who are planning on launching their DMB services next month with multiple video and audio channels to talk to some of our engineers here in the USA? I would very much appreciate it. And tell them how you also say that these convergence cameras will also have an edge in battery life to cell phones—up to three hours on one charge! Thanks again, Samsung. You're the best.

Samsung to Couple TV With Digital Camera [Korea Times]

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