Illustration for article titled Mythbusters Shark Week: Real Sharks Eat Robot Dog, Robot Shark Eats Real People

To find out if dogs are really homing snackycakes for bloodthirsty sharks, or if poking them in the eye with a pokey thing is actually a good idea, you could ask a dude in a lab coat, or like, watch Jaws. Unless you're the Mythbusters-then you build a robot dog, surround it with doggy blood, piss and shit and dump it in shark-infested waters. And a 16-foot ROBOT SHARK. With serrated metal teeth and the same pound-for-bone-crunching-pound bite as a great white. But! If you stab it in the eye, you can make it stop killing you (I guess that's one way to test the myth). You can catch a glimpse of this robo-Jaws in the vid below.



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