Mythbusters Will "Prove" Moon Landing Wasn't a Hoax

A week from today the Mythbusters say they're going to tackle "one of the biggest myths of all": that the moon landing was a hoax. Um, isn't it the other way around? Waaay more people seem to think we took a tin can, loaded it up with rocket fuel and successfully shot ourselves to the moon and back. I'm not sure how showing how crappy your own fake moon landing looks proves anything, nor does going to NASA centers (the hoaxers themsleves!) for "evidence." Verdict: They're totally in on it. I mean, just look at Buzz Aldrin. [Wired via Dirty Laundry - Thanks Richard!]


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"They hang some lights from the girders and set up some big spots, and they got a control booth in a corner. Then they bring in the machines - the lunar lander and the L.E.M. And that's when they set up the cameras, shout 'Action!' and make a movie.

Then they print it in black and white on crummy film in slow motion and pipe it onto all the television sets. And whammo — all the world sees a man land on the moon and plant the American flag.

I mean, 'Moon Rocks?' Really. And don't talk to me about voyager. They got a ride at Walt Disneyworld better than that.

Think about it."

(Tales of the Lost Formicans - By Constance Congdon)