Nanontron 3000: The iPod Nano Hacking Lego Robot

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Lego Mindstorms put to nefarious deeds! While iPodLinux works with older iPods, newer models have encrypted firmware updates. That's why the Linux4nano team has designed the button-pressing Nanotron 3000 to help with a repetitive brute-force attack.


The team has previously cracked the 2G Nano, but exploiting a vulnerability for further models involves tracking down the specific part of memory their code ends up. Testing these memory locations is painstaking, and there are tens of thousands of segments, and several iPods models to test.

The answer: Automate the button pressing with the Nanobot 3000. It can press three buttons if needed, operate independently overnight, and should be able to get through over 23,000 addresses a day. Clever. [Nanotron 3000 via Linux4nano via NYC Resistor via Hack A Day]