NASA Giving Away Space Shuttle Engines For Free - To Anyone Who Can Pick Them Up

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You could own this amazing main engine from the Space Shuttle for free, as long as you're willing to remove it from NASA premises. NASA tried to sell the shuttle's engines, but lack of interest is your good fortune.

I already know exactly who should go get these main engines right now: Industrial mayhem group Survival Research Labs, famous for lighting giant machines on fire and blowing things up in the name of art and badassery. If not them, then a group of mad scientists and engine hackers. Taking over the world should also be involved.


In less interesting news, you can also buy one of the space shuttles for just $28.8 million. Sorry, but that just isn't tempting at all when I can have one of the mega-engines FOR FREE. Mwahahaahah!

via New Scientist