NASA Released Free 3D-Printable Models Of Its Probes and Spacecraft

There are very few private citizens with enough money to recreate NASA's fantastic space explorations. But, there are plenty of private citizens with enough money to buy a 3D printer, and now that NASA has released a bunch of free 3D models of many of its interstellar crafts and probes, almost anyone can build their own miniature space fleet.


But the collection of some 22 different 3D models doesn't just include celestial objects launched by NASA and the European Space Agency. It also includes asteroids and planetary landscapes that have been whizzing through space long before mankind first tip-toed off our rock. And while hot off the printer none of these tiny models will actually fly, with a little ingenuity—and a box full of fireworks—you can even stage your own miniature launches too. [NASA via Gizmag]

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