NASA's New Altair Lunar Lander Simulation In Action

The Constellation program may be in trouble, but that doesn't mean NASA's boffins are sitting around playing Asteroids, and flying rocket models. They are still planning to get back to the Moon, and they built a cool simulator for it:

This is the Altair moon lander simulator, the newest, most exciting toy for astronauts planning to go to the Moon and beyond. It's also one of the most difficult arcade games they can play, requiring landings within 10 feet of the target coordinates.


Built on the Vertical Motion Simulator at the NASA Ames Research Center, the sim has an internal layout similar to the real Altair's, which itself is very similar to the old Apollo Lunar Module. As in the LM, astronauts have to stand up looking down small windows. Unlike in the LM, however, most controls seem to be placed in touchscreens. I don't know about the astronauts, but I like the old school buttons and switches in the Lunar Module a lot better. Click. Click. CLICK. [CNET via Hyperbola]

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