Nature's Greatest Predator Reduced To Blaring Your LMFAO

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It was once considered nature's most fearsome predator, and made us afraid to go back in the water. But now the great white shark has been reduced to a passive iPhone amplifier, blasting out your Nicki Minaj and MIA.


Designed by Schreer Delights and available from Shapeways starting at $70 (depending on the material you choose) the iShark naturally amplifies the speaker on your iPhone 4 or 4S when it's inserted into the shark's back. On the novelty side of things it also turns your phone into the iShark's dorsal fin. How fun.

The red version pictured above is suggested for Valentine's day if you want to express your love with a hollowed out plastic shark, but Shapeways also lets you choose your own color and finish if you want something a little more Jaws-thentic. [Schreer Delights]

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I was going to get one for my little boy until I saw the $70 price point and laughed.

I also noticed it's for naked phones only.