Nerd Out on This Sprawling Oral History of Apple Design

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If you, like me, pored over the Steve Jobs biography (or perhaps over Jobs) looking for juicy tidbits about Apple's design culture, you likely were sorely disappointed. We know plenty about Jobs' mercurial management and even about his own aesthetic sensibilities, but for a company that's so devoted to design—heck, it even stamps "Designed by Apple in California" on its products—we know very little about the designers behind Apple's products.


Fast Company sought to correct that oversight, enlisting writer Max Chafkin to speak to dozens of former Apple designers and employees over the course of several months. The resulting interviews are insightful, delightfully detailed and many times laugh-out-loud funny. With this window into the heart and soul of Apple, Chafkin paints the most complete picture we've ever seen of that mythical Cupertino design studio (and the double-secret industrial design studio inside of that, no joke).

While Fast Company has been posting interviews and stories at their site for the past few weeks, they've also published an ebook, Design Crazy, with much more material that you can't find anywhere else. You can download Design Crazy for $1.99, and read it on your iPad, of course. [Design Crazy]

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Thanks for that article! It's always interesting to read about the design history of a product, which mostly sells for (none of the people I know care about fingerprint readers and retina display...).