Netflix Is About to Be Bigger Than ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox

Illustration for article titled Netflix Is About to Be Bigger Than ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox

Well, we saw this coming: The explosive, cord-cutting popularity of Netflix will finally torch the laurels of traditional broadcast television networks. Analysts predict that if Netflix were measured as a 24-hour station by Nielsen, it would have more viewers than ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox within the year.


There is some fine print to that bold-faced news. The prediction comes from analysis by Wall Street research firm FBR Capital Markets and depend on Nielsen’s high specific form of ratings. Variety explains why this is relevant:

Nielsen TV ratings cover, at most, up to seven days of VOD and DVR viewing — and exclude online-video views, which networks say are an increasing part of the pie. Moreover, TV networks provide a different blend of content, such as live sports, that Netflix doesn’t.

But still! The idea that Netflix is the network just got a lot more convincing. We already knew that the streaming video (slash DVD-by-mail) company was gobbling up about a third of all traffic on the internet. Now we know that the Big Red Giant is even closer to total world domination than we thought.




Tangental question: Has anyone ever been a Nieslsen “user”? They came by my place a few months ago with a big giant gift basket trying to get our house to sign up. Just wondering what the experience might be like.