Never Worry About Wearing Out Your Favorite Shoes Again

It always sucks when you wear out the sole on a favorite pair of sneakers. Sometimes the uppers are perfectly fine, but you have to throw them out. Urshuz wants to change that, by making the two parts of the shoe interchangable. Here's how it works:

The shoes work via a series of rings attached to the shoes' uppers. These elastic 'U' rings are attached into channels molded into the outsole. The same sole can be used for either a canvas upper something akin to Dockers, a more sneaker-style look, or even flip flops and open-toes sandal styles.


Even if you just want color-coordinated options, buying two pairs of Urshuz will give you four possible combinations to play with. Each pair is expected to retail for about $60 when they pop up in stores like Urban Outfitters this June.

[Urshuz via Treehugger]

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