New AppleCare+ For iPhone-Dropping Klutzes

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Apple has added a second tier of protection for iPhone owners. Apple's tired of your iPhone-glass-breaking sob stories and will charge $49 to fix your iPhone with AppleCare+.


The iPhones ships with one year of hardware repair and 90 days of telephone support. On the heels of today's iPhone 4S announcement, Apple has revealed an iPhone-centric extension to AppleCare called AppleCare+. In addition to extending the life of your iPhone's warranty to two years and covering the usual hardware-failure issues, you can drop and break your iPhone twice and Apple will fix or replace it for $49.

A huge bummer is that before AppleCare+, you could wait a year to get AppleCare from the date of purchase for your iPhone. Now you have to purchase AppleCare+ when you purchase your iPhone.

AppleCare+ must be purchased together with new covered equipment. See AppleCare+ Terms and Conditions for complete product details.

You'll end up shelling out $150 the first time you break your iPhone, but it's cheaper than trying to buy an unsubsidized one and better than using that old Motorola Razr.[Apple via MacStories]

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I've never broken a cell phone. Or any other piece of technology come to think. Luckily responsibility is a free characteristic.