New DVDs: Does The Hobbit deserve a place on your DVD shelf with Lord of the Rings?

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Peter Jackson’s first installment of his Hobbit trilogy arrives on DVD and Blu-ray! But now that you've had some time to process it, how many of you still feel the need to add An Unexpected Journey to your DVD/Blu-ray shelves? Will you wait to see how the rest of the trilogy turns out? Have you already written it off? Or do you just feel haters gotta hate? Think about it while you check out this week's DVD and Blu-ray releases.


The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

You can get the DVD, the DVD/Blu-ray set, or the DVD/Blu-ray/3D Blu-ray set, but no matter what, the only extras are the video diaries. One more thing to note about buying it now vs. later, though — remember, WB/New Line will almost certainly be releasing an extended director’s cut version of this thing, probably with way more extras, around Christmas.

The 10th Kingdom

This 5-part NBC miniseries about John Larroquette and his daughter entering a fairy tale world which sounds like Once Upon a Time of crack (Snow White is dead, there’s a werewolf, etc). That said, I have zero recollection of this ever existing.

Gorgo: Ultimate Collector’s Edition


Despite having some pretty good effects, this British attempt at Godzilla is weirdly plodding (even the MST3K version is tough to get through). Still, this Blu-ray is loaded with extras, including a new documentary and an extensive art gallery.

Timerider: The Adventure of Lyle Swann


A champion off-road racer winds up 100 years in the past, and has to face the dangers of the Wild West with his motorcycle. This movie was written by the Monkees’ Mike Nesmith, just in case you needed it to be weirder.

Zeta One: Remastered Edition


A.k.a. The Love Factor, this cheap-o scifi/spy movie flick was pretty much just an excuse to get a lot of European actresses topless. In terms of that objective, Zeta One was a massive success. As a movie? Not so much.

Grave of the Vampire


A well-regarded cheap ‘70s vampire flick about a vampire son looking for his vampire dad. It should be noted that this is the 40th anniversary edition, although the only special feature seems to be that the movie wasn’t transferred to DVD via a copy machine.

Strange Frame


A CG animated scifi flick with an overqualified voice cast including Tim Curry, Claudia Black, Alan Tudyk, and more. Everyone talks about how great the animation is, although I assume they’re referring to everything other than the characters, who look like Gelflings painted by a drunk Lisa Frank.

Shin Getter Robo Vs. Neo Getter Robo


It’s the battle that people could only dream of, assuming those people have any clue what a Getter Robo is.



Cary Elwes stars in what sounds like all intents and purposes to be a non-funny version of The Frighteners.



I'm not buying too many movies nowadays, but I might get the Hobbit. i know I'm in the minority, but I didn't hate on it like everyone else did.

I want the hobbit to be less serious and more fun. No matter what Tolkien thought should have been changed after the fact, that's how the book is written.