New Official Details About Hellboy 2, Transformers 2, Heroes And Sarah Connor Chronicles

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Apparently there's something called "spoiler stress" that comes from reading too many spoilers, and it can shorten your life! So handle our new motherlode of spoilers for Hellboy 2 and Journey To The Center Of The Earth 3-D with caution. And don't let all of the crazy spoilers/rumors about Saturday's finale of British time-travel show Doctor Who freak you out too much. We also have some new bits of information about the sequels to Iron Man and Transformers, straight from directors Jon Favreau and Michael Bay. And the producers of Heroes and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles also gave some hints about what to expect, plus there are some new Smallville spoilers. So come on, trade your old age for some spoilers. Who wants to live a long time anyway?


Iron Man 2:

Thor won't be making a cameo in Iron Man 2, says director Jon Favreau. He also mentions he's seen early art from from the Captain America movie, and it looks great. [IESB]

Hellboy 2:

Variety also posted its review of Hellboy 2, and it includes some spoilers. As the movie starts, Hellboy's girlfriend Liz is pregnant, but he doesn't realize this at first. There's an early sequence where he battles a giant green forest deity, cradling a baby in his arms. We see a flashback to 1955, where Professor Broom (John Hurt) reads Hellboy more of that story about the making of the mechanical Golden Army to protect the Elves against the humans. The crown controlling the army gets split up, with one part going to the humans and two parts to the ancients.

Fifty years later, Hellboy is working for the Department of Paranormal Research and Defense. His boss wants Hellboy to be discreet and low-profile, so of course he gets thrown out of a burning building and onto a police car. It turns out the Elf Prince Nuada wants to reactivate the Golden Army, but his sister Princess Nuala hides her piece of the all-important crown. The army finally does get awakened, in Ireland, and Hellboy fights Nuada on top of a giant clockwork mechanism. [Variety]

Journey To The Center Of The Earth 3-D:

Variety also posted its early review of Journey To The Center Of The Earth 3-D, with more spoilers. Brendan Fraser plays Trevor, whose brother Max disappeared years ago. Max's bratty teenage son Sean shows up for a visit, bringing a box of Max's papers including a copy of Jules Verne's Journey To The Center Of The Earth. It turns out Max had a theory about volcanic "tubes" that could carry you past the Earth's magma layer into the planet's core. He takes Sean off to Iceland to discover the truth. They hook up with a mountain guide, Anita, who believes Verne was actually writing the truth. They ride a broken down mining rail, over a steep cliff, plummeting miles below sea level into a giant jewel-encrusted cave. They cope with carnivorous plants, Alien-like fish, and dinosaurs. [Variety]


Transformers 2:

Jon Voight (the Secretary of State in the first Transformers) says he won't be back for the sequel. [Collider]


Also, I totally missed the snippet towards the end of this article, where Michael Bay mentions a bit about the plot of Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen. Sam Witwicky goes off to college at an Ivy League-esque East Coast school, but Mikaela (Megan Fox) can't afford college. She travels from L.A. to visit him at his school. [ via TrekMovie]

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles:

Garret Dillahunt's Terminator, Cromartie, will be a regular in the second season of the Terminator movie spin-off show Sarah Connor Chronicles. Cameron (Summer Glau) has some issues after surviving that explosion at the end of season one, and everybody changes at the end of the first episode. We'll also see Cameron trying to eliminate other girls in John Connor's life, if she feels they pose a strategic threat. [E! Online]



Young-Superman show Smallville is casting three characters for the first episode of season eight: a guard, a scientist and a researcher, all of whose storylines relate to Chloe somehow. Also, Clark has a surprise for Lois when he returns to Metropolis. [Kryptonsite]


Doctor Who:

So what exactly happened at the end of Saturday's episode of time-travel soap Doctor Who, when the dying Doctor started to regenerate? Nobody knows, but there are a few theories:

1) The Doctor has a failed regeneration, with his severed hand involved somehow, and as a result he turns into two different Doctors, both played by David Tennant. (We showed some pics of Tennant wearing two different colored suits on the beach where he said goodbye to Rose in season two.)

2) The Doctor has a failed regeneration, which splits him into two Doctors, one played by David Tennant (thanks to the severed hand?) and the other played by David Morrissey (who's in the Christmas special later this year playing a character referred to as "the other Doctor" on the actors' trailers.)

3) The Doctor has a failed regeneration, which splits him into two Doctors - one of whom is actually Donna. (Not sure where this one comes from, actually.)

4) The Doctor "rolls back" his regenerations for a bit, and turns into Sylvester McCoy, the Doctor from the late 1980s. (The main evidence for this is that Syl was interviewed for Doctor Who Confidential, and was wearing a version of his old costume on camera.)

5) The Doctor's regenerations are tied to the Master's now, so he somehow turns into John Simm. (This has apparently been debunked. Simm won't be back this week, but the Master will show up sometime in 2009.)

6) Something different will happen.

All we do know for sure is that Tennant was filming the Christmas special a while back, so he's definitely not being gotten rid of - unless that was the most elaborate foiler ever. [Doctor Who Forum]


But if you really can't wait, here's someone's fanfic of what might happen on Saturday. [Yo-Mawari]


We do know that Sarah-Jane Smith won't die, because Elisabeth Sladen says she's in the middle of filming a second season of Sarah-Jane Adventures already. [Spoiler TV]

And here's a trailer for Saturday's episode, which reveals almost nothing, except that Davros wants to reduce the universe to atoms, which will become nothing. "The destruction of reality itself!" (What if Davros actually succeeds, and then reality reforms itself, because of nature abhorring a vacuum?) [Planet Gallifrey]


"Villains" is volume three, not season three, of superhero melodrama Heroes - the show's third season will consist of both volumes three and four. (Volume three is just 13 episodes.) The season doesn't introduce many new characters, but some new villains will show up. There's definitely more to Nathan's assassination than meets the eye. Also, we'll explore what will happen if "Sylar were only the tip of the iceberg" in terms of morally corrupt people with superpowers. [Collider again]



Jack B. Quick

@Numerous: It's not really a spoiler at all, just wild theories that could turn out to be true. Well fucking done on keeping a lid on this, BBC; for being leakier than a friggin' sieve with this show for four years, I really didn't see this one coming!

@t3knomanser: Wow... Magneto, Gandalf and the Doctor, the guy would be the Jesus of Nerddom. I don't actually think the universe would be able to contain such a powerful force!