New Pacific Rim trailer takes you inside Guillermo del Toro's giant monster-fighting robots!

A brand new Pacific Rim trailer was released at CES. And of course, this particular bit of footage is all tech heavy. Check out the fantastic (very Hellboy-esque) flight suits the pilots are clamping on inside their Jaeger (the giant freaking robot). Did you catch the crew that fills up on orange goo? And we are never, never, never, never, EVER going to get over hearing GLaDOS directing the robots. This just looks like so much damn fun.


UPDATE: Now in HD!

Pacific Rim will hit theaters on July 12th.



I can't understand why everyone's so excited for this. It looks barely better than a Michael Bay film. Why, seriously why, would the best and greatest fighting war machine humanity ever produced be in the shape of a human? i.e. bulky, easily unbalanced, ungainly, totally unsuited for water...