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Nike+ iPod Heart Rate Monitor Launching June 1

If you've been waiting for the iPod-compatible Nike+ heart rate monitor to really start exercising in earnest, well, you've been waiting a really long time. But now you can dust off those running shoes and start planning your jog on Google Maps—June 1 is the first day of the rest of your life.


According to a post on the official Nike+ forum, the heart monitor will see its U.S. launch on the first day of June, with an international release following later this summer. Though matters of price and compatibility are yet to be announced, an update to the Nike+ iPod user guide last fall suggested that the device might only work with fifth generation iPods. OK, really, you swear, you will start working out as soon as you get back from buying your new iPod. [Nike+ via Apple Insider via MacRumors]

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Seems cool, though I'm not much of a runner. (I prefer kickboxing for my fitness needs). Running just isn't fun.