Nintendo DS Piano Attachment Now Lets You 'Hone' Your 'Musical Chops'

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Set to be bundled with the Easy Piano instructive game for the Nintendo DS is this Piano/Keyboard controller, which lets you go from punishing ears on a full-size piano, to punishing ears on your handheld.


The game itself seems about as fun as reading theoretical physics when you're drunk, but the controller seems like it would work nicely with more than a few games on the DS—namely the Korg DS-10 simulator, or future versions of Rock Band-type games—IF it had proper support and wasn't Europe-only (for now). Even better, someone could always hack it, conjure up some home brew magic, and use it for some live, chiptune wizardry. Mmmmmmmm...chiptuuuune. [Joystiq via Ubergizmo]

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seriously? Why wouldn't you simply get a cheap electronic keyboard for like $20 with a full set of keys? This is the equivalent of walking around with your laptop and its dock. It's supposed to be a handheld console, so wtf is with making it larger?

All I'm really trying to say kiddies, is that if you want to try and pick up chicks by pretending to be a musician, try something remotely believable. After walking around with your guitar hero controller strapped to your back didn't work, you think pretending to be a half-ass Billy Joel is gonna work? At least you'll have lots of alone time to practice...