Nokia N900 Hacked With Froyo, While Androids Are Still Waiting

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Nokia would be doing much better if they'd announced last week that along with ditching Symbian for high-end devices, they were adopting Android too. Sadly, they're sticking with MeeGo—but as this video demonstrates, you can Androidize it yourself.


Froyo is rolling out gently across some of the Android phones already in people's hands, but just because you bought a Nokia N900 instead doesn't mean you miss out on all the fun.

The video plods along in some places, but does manage to show that everything's running smoothly, minus the icons in the status-bar "curtain." .[DailyMobile]



The Froyo kernel was just released last week. Give it a rest already!

Sure some technically adept individuals can get the new OS to work on devices it wasn't intended for, but I doubt their version plays well with all Apps or has gone through stringent quality control to make sure it doesn't crash or freeze.

A hardware manufacturer as well as the cell carriers that use their products have a lot more to lose if they brick a bunch of phones with a half-cooked OS than a group of phone enthusiasts who are just messing around to prove point.

Give it time. Froyo will come when it is ready.