Now Available: Sushi Push Pops

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"This isn't just another frozen product — this is a frozen product that happens to be extremely good."


Remember Push Pops? Well, Sushi Poppers use the same basic concept:

Each Sushi Popper includes eight pieces of precut sushi and a bit of wasabi wrapped inside an airtight tube. After opening the top of the tube, diners can add soy sauce from a small stick affixed to the packaging, and grab their first piece of fish. They reach the next piece by pushing up on the bottom of the tube.

Sushi Poppers can be ordered online for about $5 per tube. [Sushi Popper via AOL News]



I prefer my sushi, freshly made to order... But, I wouldn't be opposed to trying this.

On another note, I have a cat named sushi. This has nothing to do with the article, but I felt like saying this.