NYT Pulp Bite: Pogue on Why TiVo Still Rocks

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I am 100% in accordance with Pogue's reasons why TiVo Series 3 is still an important gadget that deserves your love. And David blows away last week's off-topic video with an animated deathmatch of TiVo versus a generic cable box. TiVo wins, all courtesy of broadband bits!


Here's why: In a day of Xbox 360 Elites and marginal iPod upgrades, TiVo is actually upgrading their boxes for little or no more money. TiVo, if you haven't been keeping track, can stream photos and music from your computer, accept programming from a Verizon cellphone, download movies from Amazon's Unbox service, and podcasts, as well as check movie, weather and traffic info. They even have lame guru advice video columns! (Wait a minute...)


Anyhow, the lack of new hardware may make you think that there's nothing significantly new. But you're wrong. But would you rather have incremental upgrades that require you to buy a whole new unit? (Xbox 360 Elite, iPod) or nice revisions every quarter (Xbox Live, Zune.) People, this is a gift! A gift from TiVo. So show 'em some love and pick up a set.

David Pogue, I even I understand why you choose to compare the TiVo to a generic cable box, instead of facing off a Series 3 versus a cable card–equipped media center. (It's a better comparison since most people still can't afford the HD setups.)

Video and Article: TiVo Plays a Trump Card: Web Smarts [NYTimes]

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TiVo only requires a phone line if you have a Series1 unit or you do not have a broadband connection. My Series2 unit has a USB NIC in the back allowing me access to a ton of Home Media Environment add-ons. My biggest concern with TiVo right now is that my Series2 is effectively a dead platform for HiDef content and I don't want to drop $600(?) for a Series3 when I upgrade.

I would consider a Sat/Cable PVR box if it allowed for tighter integration with my home PC network the way TiVo does. I can back up recorded programs, I can check media content through Yahoo links to weather, sports, traffic, etc. TiVo lets me do the "appliance-like" features of my computer from the comfort of my couch, bed, etc.

The only thing that would be cooler is if they made a wireless keyboard for it if I wanted to write email and set up a full-blown web browser...it's running Linux after all ;-)