Ocean's 11 Just Happened in Real Life

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$500,000 of jewelry is missing from a Chicago store after thieves drilled their way from a sushi restaurant into a jewelry store next door, evaded a state-of-the-art security system, and cracked a supposedly theft-proof safe.

The burglars just cut the bottom of the the safe door off making the bottom shelves available. Then containers holding rare gems and jewelry were crushed, so they fit through the small opening, and removed from the safe. The TL-30 safe holding the goods earned its name because it's supposed to take even a master lockpick 30 minutes to crack. Guess they didn't account for brute force.

The heist, which happened on Tuesday, left the owner more than a little suspicious that it was an inside job. The level of complexity of the theft, along with obviously intimate knowledge of the security system in place, makes that the most plausible theory, but no arrests have been made just yet.


Thankfully, the owner's being fairly zen about the whole thing. He's fully insured, and it's just a part of being in the business. And I guess you'd prefer the master thief approach to getting pistol whipped, but it's got to feel pretty helpless having your impenetrable safe cracked open like a rotten coconut. I just hope the little Asian gymnast is in on it. [Chicago Tribune via Fark]

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Good luck selling $500,000 of jewelry anywhere without getting caught.