Oh, Right, That's Why You Should Never Trust Kickstarter

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On the left, a promotional image from WobbleWorks!* LLC, creators of the 3Doodler, a pen that lets you print 3D creations as magical as your imagination allows. On the right, an actual 3Doodler creation. Whoooo, boy.


It is no doubt possible to make a convincing Eiffel Tower out of thin air with the 3Doodler, but not if you're a layman, and not unless you have dozens of hours and a wrist brace at your disposal. It's not quite in the same league as Photoshop trickery, but it's a nice little reminder that nothing in this life is as good as it might seem—especially if it's crowdsourced.

WobblyWorks!* LLC's Kickstarter campaign raised $2,344,134 from 26,457 backers.

*Exclamation point added.



While I'm admittedly not going to go diving into their kickstarter to see what they claim, this is sort of like blaming the company that makes oil paints for you not being a good artist. Just like its POSSIBLE to convincingly photoshop myself into *insert background of your choosing*, but unless I know how to use photoshop and practice with it, it's not going to be any better than some of the North Korea propos that Giz is such a fan of mocking. I mean, do they say "Look at this fancy eiffel tower that ANYONE can make in just 5 minutes"? I somehow doubt they'd make that claim.

Got news for you - 3D printing is no easier. Sure, it doesn't involve actual artistry per se, but you need to know how to use 3D design programs, or at least enough to be able to gank someone else's designs, otherwise you end up with a big mess of wasted plastic.