On Smallville, It's Okay To Be A Meteor Freak

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Lex Luthor is in a tough spot as Smallville ends its fall block this week. If he doesn't confess his alien experiments, a maniac will blow up the perky Chloe. And thinking she's about to die, Chloe confesses that she's a "Meteor Freak." There should really be a flag for that. More Smallville spoilers, plus Journeyman and Life on Mars, after the jump.


Thursday's Smallville is the last new episode for a while. Don't worry, there are six more episodes already in the can, which will air starting in January. So how does Chloe get stuck with a bomb? It's Clark's fault, not surprisingly. Clark convinces Lana to help him take down Lex Luthor, and this leads them to someone named Adrian, who freaks out and sticks the bomb to Chloe. And Chloe's trapped in an elevator with Jimmy and the bomb, while Lex looks torn and pouty.

Meanwhile, NBC burns through one of its last few Journeyman episodes tonight at 10. When layoffs at his newspaper threaten to hit home, Dan travels back in time to the Register's Christmas past. And he runs into his own absentee father, whom he encourages to spend more time with his family. And no, that really doesn't sound too promising for one of Journeyman's last few chances to pull off a ratings miracle.

More time travel happens on Tuesday night with two new (to us) episodes of Life On Mars on BBC America. A cop from 2006 (John Simms from Doctor Who) gets stuck in 1973 and has to deal with the more unpleasant aspects of that era (bad hair, racism), plus his own past. Also, Cinemax is showing V for Vendetta around the same time, and Sci-Fi has Ang Lee's Hulk.

On Wednesday, the Discovery channel has "level 4" of Rise of the Videogame, which deals with the development of virtual worlds and lifelike characters. It's probably worth checking out just to see what "troubling cause and effect" they think The Sims and Everquest had. I'm betting it's that whole take-away-the-Sims'-toilet thing.

Also on Thursday at 8, the TV Guide Channel has an hour-long documentary about the making of I Am Legend, including an interview with Will Smith and behind-the-scenes footage. Just in case you haven't already made up your mind about whether you're going to see it this weekend.

On Friday, Sci-Fi has a Firefly marathon, for the three of you who don't have the DVDs yet.


Apart from that... there are a lot of reruns. If you channel surf enough, you'll hit a Star Trek episode.



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