Only Two States Will Avoid an Absurdly Hot Summer This Year

Sunshine Skyway Bridge from Fort De Soto Park (Image: Ronnie Boone)

Summer is coming—and it’s going to be an incredibly, absurdly hot one for America. Except in two states.

NOAA just released its summer outlook, predicting which areas are going to see unusually hotter temperatures this year. Unsurprisingly for those who have been watching the string of heat records that have been falling like dominoes, almost every area of the United States is included.


The areas that are most likely to see hotter temperatures are on the coast (La Niña’s arrival is unlikely to have much of a cooling effect at all). Still, it’s more likely than not that the inland regions will see above average temperatures this summer with a couple of exceptions. So where are these two oases in our emerging desert, the only remaining summer paradises in which to wait out the punishing season? Nebraska and Kansas.

Start planning your summer vacations now, America.


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