Open Channel: Let's Talk About the Big Social Media News of the Month

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It’s been an absolutely bonkers month for social media companies like Facebook and Twitter, with Facebook admitting that it allows politicians to lie in ads on the platform and Twitter opening the floodgates to show users more ads than ever. Just yesterday, Twitter even announced that it was banning all political ads, something that Facebook has refused to do.


And it’s not just Facebook and Twitter. Other social media platforms like Twitch and TikTok have experienced plenty of weirdness in the past month. President Trump joined Twitch to spread his racist bullshit in a new space, TikTok has deleted dozens of ISIS recruitment accounts, and TikTok even beat Twitter to the punch, banning all political ads earlier this month.

With all of that in mind, it feels like a great time to open up one of Gizmodo’s old fashioned chatrooms and see how you’re feeling about all of this news. We’re nothing without our readers, and even though things can sometimes get pretty heated in the comments, we really do love to hear from you. Gizmodo was founded on the idea that it’s important to call bullshit on powerful institutions and there are few companies more powerful in the early 21st century than the tech giants who control what we can and cannot say.

How are you feeling about the news involving Facebook, Twitter, and more this month? Social media has become a battleground that can swing elections and even helped President Trump during the 2016 election, according to former U.S. intelligence officials. Is it a good idea for Twitter to ban political ads, or is the move inherently unfair in a free and open society? Do you think that politicians should be able to lie on Facebook, or should the company be held more accountable in an era when politicians have weaponized information to erode the principles of liberal democracy?

Let us know what you think.



I was radicalized by punk rock and Deadspin.

And while the former certainly put a bug in my mind about social justice, the disparity between rich and poor, and a general distrust for authority, I still spent most of my teens and twenties as one of those privileged white Libertarian-leaning straight dudes.

I like sports and I like nerdy shit and when I found Deadspin a decade-plus ago, it certainly fit into the things I liked. I didn’t expect it to change the way I thought about the world, and I definitely didn’t expect that change to happen when I was entering my 30s.

Deadspin taught me about labor and Deadspin taught me the difference between a millionaire playing a game and a billionaire hoarding riches. Deadspin taught me about public stadium scams. Deadspin taught me that my experience wasn’t everyone else’s. Deadspin taught me about Pokemon (kind of. Miss you, Ashley!). Deadspin made the only good tweet.

Deadspin taught me about Gawker and Jezebel and Splinter. Deadspin- and Roth specifically- taught me more about our corrupt, fascist, racist president than any touted news organization could.

Deadspin taught me about fucking Gamergate.

Deadspin- and by that I mean Barry and Ley and Scocca and Ashley and Diana and Drew and Marchman and Roth and jesus there are so many- changed the way I view the world. Deadspin made me a more compassionate, understanding person. Someone who is far more self-reflecting about how I am treated and how others are.

Deadspin made me a better person.

I’m going to miss that place and I’m going to miss the interactions we had in the comments sections. I’m not sure how often I’ll see some of y’all anymore but if it’s not a lot, good fucking luck navigating this shit world, made shittier by some dipshits at the top who bought something they clearly don’t fucking understand.

Love you guys.