Open Channel: What Do YOU Want Us to Recommend?

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You, at us for the past few weeks (or maybe longer, honestly).
You, at us for the past few weeks (or maybe longer, honestly).
Image: Steve Lieber, Nathan Fairbairn, and Clayton Cowles (DC Comics)

Friends, as you’ve probably noticed at this point: The world has changed. As has io9, although we’re still here happily talking about breaking news, offering critical insight into the pop culture we love and loathe, and, of course, shitposting. But you’ve probably also noticed we’re doing something else, too, and we’d like your help on that front.

Ever since more and more people across the world have been caught up in social distancing and coronavirus lockdown orders that have seen them transition to spending a lot more time indoors and away from friends and family, at io9 we’ve started a new initiative we’ve been calling Watch It Nerds, inspired by our long history of weirdly specific recommendation listicles.


That said, we’re telling you to do much more than Watch It, whether that be the best spooks to get out of a free Shudder trial, or the best episodes of every Star Trek series (why, oh why, did I pitch that as a weekly feature?). We’re telling you to read it, to play it, to listen to it, to make it, hell, even to exercise during it. That last one’s just good advice in general for all of us, really!

But, there you are—we’re trying to help you find some things to do while all this is going on, and frankly, we’re trying to find things for us to do too, when we’re not writing all this. And so, we want to turn it over to you: We’re still coming up with plenty of ideas of our own, but we wanted to hear what you, our lovely readers, actually want, too. What do you want recommendations on where to get your next genre fix during the coronavirus pandemic? What itch do you want to curiously scratch? Maybe you took some of our previous advice and want to know where to go next, or maybe you’ve just finished a book or a show and want something completely different.

Help us to help you, while we all try to stay safe and sane in all this.

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