Open Tech Mac Clone Company Wants To Sell Itself For $50,000

Illustration for article titled Open Tech Mac Clone Company Wants To Sell Itself For $50,000

It's only been three weeks since the Mac "clone" company Open Tech made its debut, but it's already putting itself up for sale for $50,000. In an email on July 20, their Vice President Elijah Samaroo said that they were going to "beat Psystar and not make the mistake they did." By this we took it to mean not distribute a hacked copy of Leopard, which is already available on the internet and is what people have been installing OS X on non-Apple machines for quite a while. That's not what they were doing, unfortunately. When we asked them whether they could install a plan retail copy of Leopard you purchase at the store onto their hardware without modification, they said "no." The only legit way of actually being "open" is to modify hardware to fool Leopard into thinking that you're putting it on a Mac. In this sense, Open Tech is the exact same as Psystar, and both will most likely be smacked down by Apple. $500 is too much to pay for this company. [Wired]


The difference between them and Psystar is...they will sell computers that they can promise will run the hacked Leopard, and provide the software that people can use to hack their own purchased copies of Leopard. So it's a bit less convenient that Psystar, but it remains legal, because they aren't distributing any of Apple's software. So assuming they don't make any mistakes like using Apple's logo on their site or in their advertising, or otherwise slide into trademark infringement or false advertising, they're clear