Optimum App for iPad is iO Digital Cable In Your Bathroom

Cablevision is releasing their new Optimum App for iPad for existing iO digital cable customers, effectively turning your iPad into a full-fledged television.

The free app is poised to take on Time Warner's TWCable TV app and Dish Network's Sling-powered Remote Access app, which were both released in the last couple of months boating similar functionality.


Their press release states that it can stream 300 live channels and access 2,000 video on demand titles as part of the customer's service, while also making content completely searchable. Time Warner's app now offers only 38 channels, after disputes with programmers lost them 11 channels before they could add 17 more thanks to ABC/Disney and NBC Universal. Cablevision's app also completely eschews the internet, instead using their proprietary Advanced Digital Cable television network. The only caveat is that you'll only be able to use the service at home, which I suppose is asking too much? Subscribers can expect the app to make it onto other devices in the future. [iTunes]

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