Orbis Hacks One Wheel Off A Segway For Easier Sidewalk Maneuverability

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The Orbis is only half as big as the Segway that spawned it, but don't let that fool you. The thing's easily twice as cool, especially if you happen to be Woz playing Segway polo.

I mean come on. Facts are facts. Smaller footprint. Easier maneuverability in the tight spots. Folds down for easy storage in the closet when that hot date comes over for a digestif. Brisk 13 mph top speed. Completely portable. Battery powered. This is assuming, of course, you give two shits about the Segway to begin with.

Negatives? Blatantly obvious balance issues abound, sure, but the designers can work those our with Woz's money help, right? Otherwise what's stopping you from falling like a tree when you come to a standstill?


Too bad it's just a concept at the moment; a mere whiff of a hipster's passing dream. This will change though. Segway culture demands it be so. [James Dyson Award via Design Blog]