OS X Lion Will Have a Swift New File-Sharing Feature, AirDrop

Developers can start using OS X Lion from today, but the rest of us will have to wait until summer to start using the iPad/Mac OS hybrid—which includes a neat new way to share files over the same Wi-Fi connection.

Through the new AirDrop icon, located in the Finder sidebar, users of the updated operating system will be able to drag and drop files to a contact's name. That file will show up in their Downloads folder, which they can then access instantly. Once AirDrop is closed, the connection between the computers will also close.

Unfortunately it seems to only be between OS X Lion users, and not between Lion and iOS—but give them time, I'm sure.


This shouldn't be confused with Airpod, the podcasting tool by AirDrop, which has a very similar logo to Apple's AirDrop tool. Let's see how long Airpod lasts for. [More on OS X Lion]

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Wow! I just realized I've had airdrop on every PC ever since..... well... sh!t.. forever.

All joking aside, I really dislike the direction Apple is taking with their desktop OS. I wouldn't be surprised if it was as closed and sealed as iOS in a few years. Which will make my job a living hell. (even more so than it already is when trying to publish cross platform content)