OS X Runs (Poorly, We Admit) on Sony Vaio P

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Well, looks like it is possible to run OS X on Sony's teeny Vaio P netbook, but it's no perfect Dell Mini 9 hackintosh. It looks like a difficult and imperfect crack, yet it still somehow runs better than Vista.

Posters on the Insanely Mac forums managed to get OS X onto the Vaio P, though the netbooks GMA-500 video chip remains an obstinate problem, refusing to allow real 3D graphics. And while you might expect the Vaio P's GPS and 3G connections wouldn't work, what you might not expect is the lack of ethernet or Wi-Fi capability and apparently distorted audio. So as far as hackintoshed netbooks go, it's not for the faint of heart—but if the enterprising hacker community can get these problems fixed, it'd be an awfully enviable machine. Even now, they claim it runs significantly faster than the packaged Windows Vista, though of course with this many sacrifices it's not really a fair comparison. [Insanely Mac forums via Boing Boing Gagdets]