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Otoizm: Yo-Yo, Pet and Music Player in One

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Want a new pet that listens to your favorite music and dances with you? Meet Otoizmu (or Otoizm) from Konami. You connect this 2.2-inch yo-yo-like device to your music player and a character inside will start growing according to the genre of music you listen to. Not only does it grow by listening to your music, but it memorizes phrases and composes tunes that you can listen to. Meet up with a friend who also owns an Otoizm and the two will have a dancing session. Or, you can record your friend's voice and a new character—Kotobaizm—appears to play with you.


This is one of the popular products at Toy Forum 2006 in Tokyo. You'll have to wait until June to get this pet in your hand. Price is about $29.

[Thanks Sven!]