Our First Look at Agents of SHIELD's Melinda May In Her Very Own Comic

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We’ve known for a while that Agents of SHIELD’s premiere ass-kicker Melinda May would be getting a one-shot comic book as part of SHIELD’s 50th birthday bash. But now we’ve got a first look at the comic, as well as the reveal that the issue will give us the Marvel Comic Universe’s very own take on Agent May’s origins.

Agents of SHIELD may have already given us a look at how the MCU’s Melinda May became “The Cavalry” in its second season, buis the one-shot comic, penned by Jody Houser with art by Luke Ross, will be exploring an altogether different origin—one that informs how the Melinda May we see in Marvel’s ongoing SHIELD comic came to be, and the altogether different set of circumstances that gave Agent May her less-than-appreciated nickname.


The issue—dubbed The Cavalry: SHIELD 50th Anniversary #1—will see Agent May training a group of SHIELD recruits, who are amazed at the prospect of tutelage from the legendary field agent, while flashing back to the events that saw her earn the “Cavalry” nickname. Writer Jody Houser says that while the origin won’t be exactly the same as what we’ve seen on TV, it will be an equally tragic tale to give some layers to the comic book version of the character even if she’s not technically meant to be the MCU-branded Melinda May we know and love:

The decision was made early on that some of the core elements of May’s character, including the tragic background that resulted in her nickname The Cavalry, would carry through into the comic book version. I think that for the characters that transition successfully to comics from another medium — Renee Montoya, Harley Quinn and X-23 come to mind from the just the time that I’ve been reading comics — their circumstances may change somewhat, but the soul remains recognizable. Fans of May from the show should find the comics version of the character very recognizable.


Also, at some point Agent May will fight cyber wolves, because COMIC BOOKS:


Cyberwolf, Hydra, Inhuman... Melinda May will kick its ass regardless. This fight better make its way back onto Agents of SHIELD in season 3.

The Cavalry will be available next month, alongside several other anniversary one-shots featuring Peggy Carter, Mockingbird and Daisy Johnson/Quake.


[Via Comic Book Resources]