Our First Look at the Justice League Is Here, and It's Damn Rad

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There have been teases for months and months about DC’s cinematic take on the Justice League and how they might be involved in Batman v Superman. But a new image that’s hit social media might just be our first official look at the Justice League standing tall.

The image comes from an as-yet-unverified Facebook page called “DC Films Official” which was created on the social media site today. Usually, that would give us enough cause to be wary. But ahead of tonight’s CW special DC Films Presents: Dawn of the Justice League, DC and Warner Bros. have started setting up social media accounts for its upcoming comic book movies—the Wonder Woman film, for example, started tweeting today. So there is a chance this is an official page, that’s just getting set up in anticipation of the special. The recently created Wonder Woman movie Facebook page has also “liked” the page (alongside the verified pages for Warner, DC Comics, and Gal Gadot), which lends credence to its legitimacy too.


UPDATE: Warner Bros. have confirmed to Comicbook.com that the artwork is indeed official. Take a good look at your movie Justice League, everyone!


If it is real, and from the special, it’s our first look at the Flash and Cyborg, who both look pretty faithful to their comic book counterparts from what we can see. Also interesting? The lack of the Green Lantern—presumably down to the fact that any casting for the role (or that should be roles, as last we heard Green Lantern Corps will feature multiple heroes) has been officially unveiled.

For now though? The Justice League is looking awesome. We’ll see more in DC Films Presents: Dawn of the Justice League when it airs tonight on the CW.