Parallels 3 Goes Live

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Remember when we gave you deets on the new Parallels 3.0 last week? Good news: it's done and released already. So if you've been waiting for it with sweaty anticipation, clean yourself up and go grab a copy. Tally ho, dual OS cowboys!

Product Page [via Gizmodo Australia]

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sammy baby

ps sammy baby what drew you to mac? In networking it would seem you would stick to windows or linux just for practicality sake. And yes telnetting blows. I can see the dang routers from here but it acts like I am talking to the other side of the world.

That's a good question, and occasionally I wonder to myself how it happened too. ;)

A few years ago I was doing a side job that required me to travel to NOLA (this was pre-Katrina) for a trade show. At the time, I didn't have a laptop, just a desktop that I was dual-booting XP and Linux with. I thought, "Hey, all the well heeled UNIX heads are playing with OS X these days, maybe I'll get a Powerbook to take to the job with me." (The job paid very well, so I could afford to make a casual decision like that and write it off as an expense.)

So I did, figuring that I'd just use it as a backup machine when I got home. But it didn't work out like I planned - the more I used it, the more I liked it, especially since virtually all of the lightweight development work I was doing on servers at the time could be replicated right on the laptop, but with a super-pretty interface.

Anyway, the only reason I boot up my PC at home now is because I really liked HL 2. Now I'm considering picking up a refurbed Mac Pro to do photo editing (because my 2 year old powerbook is still in great condition, but it labors a little bit editing 12 megapixel 16-bit raw files...).