People Still Pirated Arrested Development Because People Pirate

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Even though it's incredibly easy to watch the new revived season of Arrested Development—seriously, all you need is a Netflix account—-a lot of people still pirated episodes of Arrested Development. In fact, public BitTorrent trackers put it at 175,000 pirated downloads to be exact.


This would make sense if most of the pirates came from countries that don't have Netflix but that's not true either. Out of the top 5 countries who pirated Arrested Development, only Australia was a country without Netflix. Are people trying to skimp out on the 8 bucks it costs for Netflix? Or is it just a small minority who can't shake the pirating habit?

To be honest, it's hard to actually draw any hard conclusions from the 175,000 pirated downloads without any context from Netflix (Netflix doesn't release viewing numbers). On one hand, the 175,000 number pales in comparison to heavyweight pirated shows like Game of Thrones (which averages nearly 4.28 million downloads) but that could be comparing Apple to Oranges. Either way, it would seem like making content easier to access would make it less desirable for people to pirate. Right? Right? [Torrent Freak]



I've had Netflix in the past, but can't deal with the monthly bill/limited selection. I signed up for a free month, watched all of AD, then deleted my account. Is that legal? I feel like 48% guilty about it, but I'm hoping lots of other people did the same?