Peter Griffin on E, Enough Acid to Kill an Elephant, and the Best Paintball Fight of All Time

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Paintball Warfare

Devin Graham, the guy what did the Trike Drifting video, has teamed up with the Nitro Circus crew for an all-out game of Capture the Flag. This looks almost too fun.

Did You Know Your Trash Is a Treasure Trove of Weapons Waiting To Happen?

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but stems and seeds will kill me?


Scientists Discover Sperm-Crippling Gene That Could Lead to Non-Hormonal Male Contraceptives

As opposed to the tried-and-true method of just smoking lots of weed.


Thanks for Confirming that 297mg of Acid Will Kill an Elephant, Dicks

So, in 1962, three researchers from University of Oklahoma shot 297mg of LSD into a 7,000-pound African elephant bull named, Tusko. You know, to see if acid would make you violent. No, turns out, that much Lysergic acid causes you to freak out and die. Ready? Here's my "surprised" face. According to the study, as it was published in the journal, Nature:

"Five minutes after the injection he trumpeted, collapsed, fell heavily onto his right side, defecated, and went into status epilepticus. The limbs on the left side were hyperextended and held stiffly out from the body; the limbs on the right side were drawn up in partial flexion; there were tremors throughout. The eyes were closed and showed a spasm of the orbicularis occuli; the eyeballs were turned sharply to the left, with markedly dilated pupils. The mouth was open, but breathing was extremely labored and stertorous, giving the impression of high respiratory obstruction due to laryngeal spasm. The tongue, which had been bitten, was cyanotic. The picture was that of a tonic left-sided seizure in which, mild clonic movements were present."


The researchers then injected the pachyderm with 2800mg of Thorazine (!) and an unspecified amount of pentobarbital sodium to help counteract the effects but to no avail—Tusko died less than 2 hours after being dosed. The study's results ignited a firestorm of controversy around the lead researcher (and CIA-collaborator) Louis Jolyon "Jolly" West and whether it was the LSD or the Thorazine caused the fatality. As Albert Hoffman wrote in "LSD, MY Problem Child":

"The weight of this animal was determined to be 5,000 kg [inconsistent with the weight published in the original paper], which corresponds to a lethal dose of 0.06 mg/kg. Because this involves only a single case, this value cannot be generalized, but we can at least deduce from it that the largest land animal reacts proportionally very sensitively to LSD, since the lethal dose in elephants must be some 1,000 times lower than in the mouse. Most animals die from a lethal dose of LSD by respiratory arrest."


Wow, that's, um, really fucked up. Sure glad we had such a plethora of Africa's largest land animal back in the '60s to go injecting lots of whatever-we-felt-like into because I'm pretty sure we're running low on them nowadays. [Erowid]

Peter on E

Sad about Dumbo's OD? Here, this will make you feel better.