Pharmacy Perv Watched Ladies Pee with Toilet Paper iPhone Cam

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Sneaky way to spy on a woman in the bathroom: hide inside her porta potty. Less sneaky: leave your iPhone running propped up on the toilet paper. Congrats, CVS pharmacy, you are today's creepiest place.


The Times Union reports the lame attempt of one pharmacy intern to get pee-shots of his customers. Not only did Vaughn Greene leave his iPhone, recording, in plain view of toilet-sitters—enough that one woman assumed someone had left it by accident—he had zero subtlety. Pro-tip: if you're going to spy on a woman while she's in the bathroom, don't ask to go into the bathroom for no reason when she asks to use it:

While Greene, 26, was working the counter at CVS, the victim asked him if the bathroom was open, Sgt. Robert Donnelly said. Greene then went to the bathroom, placed the phone between two rolls of toilet paper, switched it on record and told the woman the bathroom was "all clear," Donnelly said.


All clear! I've, uh, fixed the bathroom. It was broken before, but now I fixed it, in a few seconds, you see. Go ahead and use it now. Use it naked. Greene said "It's the thrill of not getting caught" that pushed him to capture countless clips of tinkling customers. Now the thrill is gone and he's facing four years in prison.

In other news, it's possible to intern at CVS. [ via Consumerist]

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Yeah, that last sentence is what struck me as the oddest part of the whole article. On what application would you be proud to write, "Interned at CVS as cash register operator?"