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Sadly, I'm going to have to preface this review of the O2 XDA Exec with the words you all hate to hear:Don't start looking for this product in the US anytime soon. Per usual, the coolest stuff is only available in Asia and Europe, and this 3G device is certainly no exception. The XDA Exec is a clamshell device, with a swivel screen, fairly large, and a full qwerty keyboard. Open this baby up and you have a mini laptop. Swivel the screen to face outwards and lay it flat on the keyboard and voila—it's a tablet PC. It's got two—yes two—cameras. One is the usual 1.3 megapixel for every day use, but the other is lower res, used mainly for video calls. It's also a tri-band phone and supports class 10 GPRS, with WiFi and Bluetooth built-in. And although it's being marketed as a business device, it's got a few consumer-y details. I especially like the stereo speakers that sit in front of the keyboard when in laptop mode. Perfect for the admittedly tiny amount of music you may have saved on the 64MB of RAM. But an SD card slot is also included for extra memory or peripherals. Unfortunately, like most big PDA phones, holding this thing to your ear for long periods of time can be annoying without a headset. Of course, the O2 also lets you surf the web on a high-speed connection (there's that 3G again). I can tell you one thing, if it ever does make it here, I'd drop that Blackberry quicker than you can say RIM.

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