Pink Zune Confirmed for May Release

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Hey ladies! This is the moment you have all been waiting for—the folks at cliczune received confirmation that a pink version of the Zune is coming on May 1! If you remember, Microsoft surprised purchasers by leaking 100 limited-edition pink Zunes last year, but now they are being released mainstream. I guess the fact that the pink Zunes fetched a pretty penny on eBay inspired Microsoft to release the pink Zune not as a super-sneaky surprise.

After the jump, I get on my soapbox about pink gadgets like this.

I'm all about pink and different colored gadgets, but I am sick of companies releasing pink gear to only appeal to the ladies. If you are going to release a pink, overpriced gadget, at least do what the folks at Seagate, Kensington, Pioneer and others have done by linking the pinkness to breast cancer, or other female-disease awareness and donate for every gadget sold.


Nice they're spray painting their Zunes instead of working on that patch.

Pink Zune on May 1st! Confirmed! [cliczune]