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Pink Zune Confirmed for May Release

Illustration for article titled Pink Zune Confirmed for May Release

Hey ladies! This is the moment you have all been waiting for—the folks at cliczune received confirmation that a pink version of the Zune is coming on May 1! If you remember, Microsoft surprised purchasers by leaking 100 limited-edition pink Zunes last year, but now they are being released mainstream. I guess the fact that the pink Zunes fetched a pretty penny on eBay inspired Microsoft to release the pink Zune not as a super-sneaky surprise.


After the jump, I get on my soapbox about pink gadgets like this.

I'm all about pink and different colored gadgets, but I am sick of companies releasing pink gear to only appeal to the ladies. If you are going to release a pink, overpriced gadget, at least do what the folks at Seagate, Kensington, Pioneer and others have done by linking the pinkness to breast cancer, or other female-disease awareness and donate for every gadget sold.


Nice they're spray painting their Zunes instead of working on that patch.

Pink Zune on May 1st! Confirmed! [cliczune]

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I'm sorry, but pink should NOT be linked to breast cancer. That's a slap in the face to men who have been diagnosed with it. It completely marginalizes them and their illness.

If you're going to link pink, which is clearly being used as a girly color in these circumstances, to a disease associated with women, make it cervical cancer, or some similar disease that men CAN'T get.

Who's being sexist now?