Pittsburgh Gets Pranked by 100-Year-Old Time Capsule

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It was going to be a momentous day. A veritable treasure trove of local history, preserved and pristine within a time capsule that was buried beneath Pittsburgh, 100 years ago, just waiting to be opened! Then they opened it...

...and discovered what sounds like the bottom of a dank, muddy river.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review says the copper container was removed from the cornerstone of the 100-year-old Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall & Museum in the Oakland section of Pittsburgh last week. But inside, officials found 11 cents in change, two lead soldiers, a tattered silk flag - and rotted news pulp, Confederate currency and photographs.


I imagine that pile smelled something fierce too.

But what happened? Apparently, when this particular time capsule was buried, 100 years ago, the top was never soldered shut and all sorts of moisture got inside. City officials were undeterred however, and plan to seal a new capsule, with new junk, for a new unsealing 100 years from now. [SFGate]