The 720P video capabilities of the iPhone 4 are fantastic-really calling into question the need for a camcorder-but there's one gimpy limitation. You can't upload HD videos wirelessly….

Pixelpipe is a free app that will upload your videos and pictures in full resolution to "over 100 supported destinations."


Pretty much any social networking bloggish overshare service you could possibly use looks to be compatible. And you can even upload your files in the background while you check your email or something.

HD cat videos, directly to YouTube, straight from your iPhone 4.



From the app developers: Liberate your media with Pixelpipe and get your media off of your iPhone and out to your favorite social network, micro-blog, photo/video and blog services. With over 110 supported destinations from around the world to choose from the choice is really yours. Free your media and share your life.

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