Pizza Oven Leaves You with Few Culinary Choices

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Call me crazy, but I don't really see the point of this Stonebake Pizza Oven. I mean, what's wrong with a regular oven? It can cook pizzas perfectly well, and when you don't want a pizza it can cook many other things as well. Not so with this silly thing, which can make one thing and one thing alone. Want to bake a cake, perhaps a pan of brownies? Too goddamned bad, you shortsighted idiot. You bought an oven designed to only cook pizzas, and now you have to live with that choice. [Product Page via Random Good Stuff]


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The pizza ovens in my restaurant can cook a pizza to perfection in about 3 minutes. I'm always disappointed by my results at home- even using a pizza stone and the oven on full blast I cannot get anywhere near the quality of the professional ovens. But they cost a fortune to run and require 450V AC- not exactly domestic friendly!

I doubt this product can get anywhere near the results of a pro oven but if it can outperform my domestic oven then I'd buy it